the dryzzz story

Linda Schwitalla Villena and Susan Schwitalla Culmo are native Miamians who have been stay-at-home moms for years, and who run a successful accounting and QuickBooks consulting business from their home offices. For the last eight years, they have worked on bringing their DryZzz pillowcase to the market.

The Dryzzz Story: Linda’s daughter had an invention convention at school and needed an idea that solves an everyday problem. It was late and Julia had wet hair from her shower. As she placed a towel on her pillow, Linda had the idea… and the DryZzz was born.

Put DryZzz on your bed pillow and use every night as your regular pillowcase. If needed, flip your pillow to the absorbent microfiber side that is backed by a waterproof liner. DryZzz is great for wet hair, night sweats, droolers, colored or treated hair, and any situation where you need to protect your pillow. Then, just throw DryZzz into your regular laundry. DryZzz is available in a variety of colors suitable for both kids’ and adults’ rooms, also king size white.

A portion of all proceeds goes to Sofia’s Hope, Inc. to fund research related to pediatric cancer and cardiac damage caused by chemotherapy. It is a Not-For-Profit Corporation founded in memory of Linda’s daughter’s friend, Sofia Blanco.

Thank you so much for your interest and support!